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BOA 2.4.3

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BOA 2.4.3 came out 7 days ago (BOA, for an unknown reason, no longer appears to sent out update available emails), from the changelog:

### Stable BOA-2.4.3 Release - Full Edition
### Date: Tue May 19 13:40:40 PDT 2015
### Milestone URL: https://github.com/omega8cc/boa/milestones/2.4.3

  @=> Includes Aegir Hostmaster 2.x-head with improvements
  @=> Includes Aegir Provision 3.x-head with improvements
  @=> Includes Drush 7 customized for BOA

# Release Notes:

  This BOA release is focused on Aegir platforms update with latest Drupal core
  included. There are also a few system updates and bug fixes, as listed below.

# Changes:

  * Redis Integration Module: Update to version mod-08-05-2015
  * Use HTTPS intermediate mode to support legacy systems like XP/IE8 - see #718

# System upgrades:

  * Drush mini-7-08-05-2015
  * MariaDB 10.0.19
  * MariaDB Galera Cluster 10.0.19
  * PHP 5.4.41
  * PHP 5.5.25
  * PHP 5.6.9
  * Redis 3.0.1

# Fixes:

  * CiviCRM known bugs and regressions fixed
  * Improve drush aliases cleanup
  * Redis: sync net.core.somaxconn with tcp-backlog
  * sqlmagic: do not escape backslashes and EOL character - fixes #672

The last BOA upgrade, ticket:844 sent a email, ticket:754#comment:26 saying:

Next BOA upgrade (2.4.3) will force PHP 5.5 on all hosted Aegir
instances, unless you will explicitly opt-out *before* that upgrade
using PHP version control files, as explained in our docs at:


And we have been discussing if we should test running the site with PHP 5.5 on PuffinServer or if we should create a development server to test with, this upgrade needs to wait till we have agreed a way forward.

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Closing BOA 2.4.7 ticket:889, BOA 2.4.6 ticket:872, BOA 2.4.5 ticket:864, BOA 2.4.4 ticket:863
and BOA 2.4.3 ticket:854 as wontfix -- we have stopped updating BOA, the last update was ticket:844, we have commented out all the BOA root cron jobs, see wiki:PuffinServer#LoadSpikes, the plan is to switch to WordPress around April 2016, see ticket:846#comment:86

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