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Please don't use this wiki for things that are not specifically related to web development, use the site.

Welcome to Transition Technology

This is the web development management site for the Transition Network it is used for tickets, documentation, time and code management.

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.

Frequently accessed tickets

Feel free to add / remove items from this list:

Trac Wiki and Tickets

We use Trac for time and ticket management.

See wiki:WikiFormatting and wiki:TracWiki for help on editing wiki content, please note that:

  • This wiki uses CamelCase for pages, don't create all lower case page names or pages with underscores or dashes in them as this breaks automatic links.

See TransitionTrac for Transition Trac information including ticket management and time management.

Trac usernames

Trac ticket usernames are cases sensitive, all the current usernames are all lower case, the current, main, people using this site are:

  • ade -
  • chris - sysadmin
  • ed -
  • laura - WordPress
  • ben -
  • sam -
  • paul - Drupal developer,
  • annesley -

Trac usernames cannot be changed, see TracUserAdmin for creating new accounts and changing passwords.

Website developers/designers: start here

Our documentation of the main Transition Network website covers everything you need if you're a designer or developer on the Transition Technologists Team.
Don't do anything without reading the docs first :)

Servers and Websites

The Transition Network rents Debian virtual servers from the Webarchitects Co-operative, which are powered by Good Energy, these servers run multiple free libre open source software applications.

Services provided: Data, Views & API

NEW: The Transition Network sites are opening themselves to all kinds of other sites, providers and clients to share data and services. See WebServices and wiki:website/about/contentTypes for more.

Git & Release Process

NOTE: We have migrated to Git and the repository is hosted on GitHub.

For information on how to use the Git repository and the process we use for releases to the various servers, please see BoaCodeManagement.


The Transition Technology group works like a free / open source software project, we do most our activity in public, on this wiki and ticketing system. The key meetings are documented on the web project blog.

Other channels of communication are:

Some background documents on how open projects work:

Sharing Engine

Developer documentation:

International Initiative Registration Service (IIRS)


Former Servers

  • PuffinServer the drupal live server for, commissioned in February 2013, deleted on 20th September 2016
  • NewLiveServer -- documentation about the old live server, which was switched off on 28th February 2013
  • DevelopmentServer -- documentation about the old development server,, which ran this Trac site
  • LiveServer -- documentation about the old server at