17:18 Ticket #728 (Re-patch location module) closed by sam
fixed: Great thanks Paul. I have patched the site and all seems to be working …


13:53 Ticket #728 (Re-patch location module) created by sam
Bugger just realised that I didn't finish the pull request into the main …


11:02 Ticket #727 (Change background on block from orange to white) created by sam
Hi Ben Rob wants a list of the themes presented in a block. I did the …


10:01 Ticket #712 (Create a new stgX.transitionnetwork.org site) closed by sam
10:00 Ticket #693 (Module security updates: February 2014) closed by sam


23:42 Ticket #726 (Upgrade to Piwik 2.2.1) closed by chris
fixed: The reply, http://dev.piwik.org/trac/ticket/5102#comment:5 > Files to …


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Added link to https://wiki.transitionnetwork.org/BOA_Server documentation (diff)
11:57 Ticket #646 (Users denied access when trying to unsubscrbie) reopened by sam
Sadly that didn't seem to work. This came in today: "I've tried a few …


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cron section added (diff)
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Link to Upgrade Piwik to 2.2.1 ticket:726 added (diff)
12:14 Ticket #726 (Upgrade to Piwik 2.2.1) created by chris
> Piwik 2.2.1 is a new minor release which brings more stability to the …
09:59 Ticket #724 (Subscription emails from Rob's blog not arriving.) closed by sam
fixed: Hi Chris Thanks for this. I can confirm the emails are now coming so will …


10:23 Ticket #721 (Upgrade to BOA-2.2.3 Stable Edition) closed by chris
fixed: Replying to chris: > > I think this ticket is basically done …
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Link to BOA-2.2.4 upgrade ticket:725 added (diff)
09:49 Ticket #725 (Upgrade to BOA-2.2.5) created by chris
Note this ticket was opened to upgrade to BOA-2.2.4 but when the …


14:16 Ticket #707 (Upgrade to BOA-2.2.2) closed by chris
fixed: Closing as it's been superceeded by ticket:721 for the 2.2.3 update.


10:35 Ticket #654 (TIs appearing in 'TIs by list' view without a number) closed by sam
fixed: This was fixed a while ago, forgot to close the ticket..


15:28 Ticket #646 (Users denied access when trying to unsubscrbie) closed by sam
fixed: Done, I'll close the ticket but open it again if anyone else complains..
10:21 Ticket #724 (Subscription emails from Rob's blog not arriving.) created by sam
A user has got in touch to let us know he is not getting Rob's updates by …


11:18 Ticket #723 (Mediawiki 1.22.6 Upgrade) closed by chris
fixed: Following the wiki:MediaWiki#Updates notes, which have also been updated. …
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Updated upgrade notes for 1.22 from 1.19 (diff)
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Added link to upgrade 1.22.6 - ticket:723 (diff)
11:10 Ticket #723 (Mediawiki 1.22.6 Upgrade) created by chris
Announced …


12:58 Ticket #722 (Meetings in TNv3) created by ed
Ticket to track time on meetings for TNv3
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.