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Mediawiki 1.19.13

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From the MediaWiki-announce list:

I would like to announce the release of MediaWiki 1.22.4, 1.21.7 and 1.19.13. Other than the security fix included in 1.19.13, these releases simply fix the bundled version of the tarball. Download links are given at the end of this email.

Security fix backported to 1.19

  • (bug 61362) SECURITY: API: Don't find links in the middle of api.php links.

Fixes made in all tarballs

  • The correct branch of each extensions git repository (e.g. REL1_19 for 1.19.13) was used.

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Following the wiki:MediaWiki#Updates notes and the last update, ticket:694:

sudo -i
cd /web/wiki.transitionnetwork.org
export MW="1.19.13"
wget http://releases.wikimedia.org/mediawiki/1.19/mediawiki-$MW.tar.gz -O mediawiki-$MW.tar.gz
wget http://releases.wikimedia.org/mediawiki/1.19/mediawiki-$MW.tar.gz.sig -O mediawiki-$MW.tar.gz.sig
gpg --verify mediawiki-$MW.tar.gz.sig 
tar -zxvf mediawiki-$MW.tar.gz
rsync -av mediawiki-$MW/ www/
chown root:root -R www/
chown -R www-data:www-data www/cache/
chown -R www-data:www-data www/images/
cd www/maintenance/
php update.php 
cd /web/wiki.transitionnetwork.org
rm mediawiki-$MW.tar.gz mediawiki-$MW.tar.gz.sig
rm -rf mediawiki-$MW

The update process has been tweaked a bit and also old versions have been deleted, the wiki:MediaWiki page has been updated and the https://wiki.transitionnetwork.org/Special:Version page has been checked.

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