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Upgrade to Piwik 2.2.0

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From the Changelog, http://piwik.org/changelog/piwik-2-2-0/

Piwik 2.2.0 is a major new release. This release is rated critical. Please update now.

We highly recommend that you upgrade your server to Piwik 2.2.0 today to benefit from design, performance and security improvements in this release.

Piwik 2.2 helps you focus on your data

  • All reports: display as much text as possible before the label becomes truncated (useful when you want to see more data at a glance without having to hover to view the full label)
  • Make Datatables more readable and flatter – we have removed some borders.
  • On the dashboard, the Data Tables and graph icons are now hidden by default and are now available by clicking on the widget footer.

New features

  • Event Tracking: track your custom events with Piwik. An event is defined by a Category, an Action, an optional Name and an optional Value. Event Tracking is a powerful feature which can be used for many purposes! http://piwik.org/docs/event-tracking/
  • Site Search reports are now available in Scheduled email reports and on Piwik Mobile
  • New Websites Groups (available on request) functionality now allows you to group a cluster of websites in the All Websites Dashboard.
  • Security fixes: we would like to warmly thank Security researchers Mateusz Goik and Vivek S. Jadhav for responsibly reporting two XSS security issues in Piwik which are now fixed in 2.2.0.
  • API breaking change for Plugins developers
  • Deprecated the function Schema::dropTables() and DbHelper::dropTables, for the new Db::dropTables()
  • Removed the code that was deprecated in 2.1.0. Learn more http://piwik.org/blog/2014/02/piwik-2-1-changes-plugin-developers/

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Following the wiki:PiwikServer#Updates notes, switch off the recording of stats by setting record_statistics to 0 in /web/stats.transitionnetwork.org/piwik/config/config.ini.php:

record_statistics = 0

Backup config file:

cd /web/stats.transitionnetwork.org/
cp piwik/config/config.ini.php .

Download and extract:

export PIWIK=2.2.0
wget "http://builds.piwik.org/piwik-$PIWIK.tar.gz"
tar -zxvf piwik-$PIWIK.tar.gz
cp config.ini.php piwik/config/
chown -R www-data:www-data piwik/
php /web/stats.transitionnetwork.org/piwik/index.php -- "module=CoreUpdater" 
  Piwik and/or some plugins have been upgraded to a new version. <br />
--&gt; Please run the update process first. See documentation: http://piwik.org/docs/update/ <br />
/etc/init.d/php5-fpm restart

The web interface displayed:

Important notes for large Piwik installations

If you have a large Piwik database, updates might take too long to run in the browser. In this >situation, you can execute the updates from your command line:
php /web/stats.transitionnetwork.org/piwik/console core:update

So that was run:

/web/stats.transitionnetwork.org/piwik/console core:update 

*** Update ***

    Database Upgrade Required

    Your Piwik database is out-of-date, and must be upgraded before you can continue.

    Piwik database will be upgraded from version 2.1.0 to the new version 2.2.0.

    The database upgrade process may take a while, so please be patient.

*** Piwik has been successfully updated! ***

And the notes were updated.

Recording stats was switched on again and the "system check" in the web interface was checked.

There is this warning:

Geolocation works, but you are not using one of the recommended providers. If you have to import log files or do something else that requires setting IP addresses, use the PECL GeoIP implementation (recommended) or the PHP GeoIP implementation.

Which should be addressed at some point, see ticket:675

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