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Piwik Web Stats

The Piwik webstats server is available at:

The site is currently running on via Nginx, previously there was a live site on Quince and a dev site on Kiwi using Apache, see the old Apache PiwikServerInstall notes.

Accessing the stats

If you need access to the stats for one of more site please contact webproject@… or chris@… to request an account and state which sites you need access to.

If you have an android or iOS mobile phone then you can install the Piwik app for your device from the apple store or google play, see


Currently stats are generated for the following sites:

  1. Transition Network
  2. Transition Movie
  3. Transition Wiki
  4. 2010 Archive
  5. 2011 Archive
  6. Static Archive
  7. TTech Trac
  8. Parrot Server
  9. Earth Inheritors
  10. REconomy

Adding a site

To add a site you need to contact webproject@… or chris@… and they can login and and use the sites manager to add a site and get the tracking code for the site, they should add the site to the PiwikServer#Sites list above.

They should then create a user and grant the new user access to the stats for the sites they need access to.

If the new site is running a content management system such as Drupal or Wordpress then please install the plugin for your CMS, see


Current Piwik tickets:

Ticket Summary Owner Reporter
#909 What's involved in enabling longer Piwik reports? chris sam
#882 Login to PiWik stats chris annesley
#855 Piwik plugins chris sam
#768 Piwik Archive Cron Error chris chris
#675 Piwik Geolocation chris chris

Closed Piwik tickets:

Ticket Summary Owner Reporter
#923 Piwik 2.16.2 chris chris
#910 Piwik 2.16.1 chris chris
#902 Piwik 2.16.0 chris chris
#880 Piwik 2.15.0 chris chris
#869 Piwik 2.14.3 chris chris
#867 Piwik 2.14.2 ade chris
#866 Piwik 2.14.1 chris chris
#861 Piwik 2.14.0 chris chris
#858 Piwik 2.13.1 chris chris
#850 Piwik 2.13.1 chris chris
#848 Piwik 2.13.0 chris chris
#840 Piwik 2.12.1 chris chris
#838 Piwik 2.12.0 chris chris
#835 Piwik 2.11.2 chris chris
#833 Piwik 2.11.1 chris chris
#832 Piwik 2.11.0 chris chris
#823 Pwiki 2014 annual report chris chris
#817 Piwik 2.10.0 chris chris
#810 Piwik 2.9.1 chris chris
#807 Piwik 2.9.0 chris chris
#801 Piwik 2.8.3 chris chris
#800 Piwik 2.8.1 chris chris
#796 Piwik 2.8.0 chris chris
#791 Piwik 2.7.0 chris chris
#782 Piwik 2.6.1 chris chris
#776 Piwik 2.0.5 chris chris
#756 Piwik 2.4.1 Update chris chris
#752 Piwik 2.4.0 Update chris chris
#732 Upgrade Piwik to 2.3.0 chris chris
#729 Upgrade to Piwik 2.2.2 chris chris
#726 Upgrade to Piwik 2.2.1 chris chris
#720 Upgrade to Piwik 2.2.0 chris chris
#697 Piwik 2.1 upgrade for chris chris
#672 Upgrade to Piwik 2.0.3 chris chris
#664 Upgrade Piwik to 2.0.2 chris chris
#660 Piwik 2.0 chris chris
#556 Upgrade Piwik to version 1.12 chris chris
#515 Upgrade to Piwik 1.11.1 chris chris
#509 Upgrade: Piwik 1.11 chris chris
#495 Replace Google Analytics with Piwki chris ed
#477 Piwik system check error message chris chris
#436 Upgrade to Piwik 1.9 chris chris
#418 Upgrade Piwik to 1.8.4 chris chris
#414 Install and test Piwik DNT plugin 0.3 chris chris
#410 Piwik tracking for the widget chris chris
#393 Upgrade Piwiki to 1.7 chris chris
#382 Measurement and tracking requirements for TN and PSE chris ed
#371 Piwik Hosting chris chris
#361 Upgrade Piwik to 1.6 chris chris
#337 Piwik GeoIP plugin chris chris


To update Piwik, switch off the recording of stats by setting record_statistics to 0 in /web/

record_statistics = 0

Backup the config file:

cd /web/
cp piwik/config/config.ini.php .

Download, extract, and update the database and restart php-fpm:

export PIWIK="2.5.0"
wget "$PIWIK.tar.gz"
wget "$PIWIK.tar.gz.asc"
gpg --verify piwik-$PIWIK.tar.gz.asc
tar -zxvf piwik-$PIWIK.tar.gz
cp config.ini.php piwik/config/
chown -R www-data:www-data piwik/
php /web/ core:update
/etc/init.d/php5-fpm restart

Note that sometime the .tar.gz files are not available at the same time as the .zip files so you might need to use the following steps:

export PIWIK="2.5.0"
wget "$"
wget "$"
gpg --verify piwik-$
unzip piwik-$
cp config.ini.php piwik/config/
chown -R www-data:www-data piwik/
php /web/ core:update
/etc/init.d/php5-fpm restart

Switch recording of stats back on by setting record_statistics to 1 in /web/

record_statistics = 1

Login and do a system check.

Past update tickets:

For a while there was an error because we have overwritten three logo files, see ticket:672, but now the Transition Network logo is now uploaded via the web interface, see ticket:697#comment:3 and this isn't an issue.


Archiving of Piwiki stats is done by this crontab, /etc/cron.d/piwik-archive:

#5 * * * * www-data /web/ core:archive --url= >> /var/log/piwik-archive.log
5 2-23 * * * www-data /web/ core:archive --url= >> /var/log/piwik-archive.log

It doesn't run at 5 past midnight or 5 past 1am as there were often errors when it ran at this time, probably because the MySQL database backup is also running, see ticket:768#comment:6.

The log file that is created, /var/log/piwik-archive.log is rotated by logrotate which is configured with /etc/logrotate.d/piwik which contains:

/var/log/piwik-archive.log {
        rotate 30

This crontab was created on ticket:726#comment:2 and updated on ticket:768#comment:4 and ticket:768#comment:5.

Server Log Analytics

Following a failed attempt to get wiki:AwStatsInstall working Piwik has been set up to analyse the Nginx logs from wiki:PuffinServer.

The Nginx logs from wiki:PuffinServer are copied to wiki:PenguinServer as documented on the wiki:AwStatsInstall page.

The logs are imported using the wiki:PiwikImportScript which is run by the www-data user using this crontab:

30 07 * * * /usr/local/bin/piwik-import > /dev/null 


Do Not Track

Upgraded to version 0.3 on ticket:414

Penguin Server

See and see ticket:470#comment:13 for the notes on the migration from Apache to Nginx. See also the initial research comments on the migration to Nginx, ticket:357#comment:14 ticket:357#comment:28.

See the GeoIP install notes, ticket:470#comment:33 and the setup of the Mediawiki plugin ticket:470#comment:32 and the Nginx install ticket:470#comment:13 and cronjob ticket:470#comment:13 and the Nginx config ticket:470#comment:34