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Script to backup server using rsync over ssh, deployed on ticket:763 to wiki:ParrotServer, wiki:PenguinServer and wiki:PuffinServer.

#!/usr/bin/env bash

# List of local directories to be backed up
# is contained in this file, one per line 
# The hostname of this server, used to create 
# a directory on the remote server
# The server to backup to, this is set in 
# /root/.ssh/config
# This script uses lockfile which comes with procmail
LOCKFILE="/var/run/lock/$(basename $0).lock"
# Write the outcome to this log
LOGFILE="/var/log/$(basename $0)"

# Check that the script is being run by root
if [[ "$(id -u)" != "0" ]] ; then
  echo "You must run '$0' as root or via sudo" 
  exit 1

# Test if the lockfile binary can be found
if [[ ! -e "$LOCKFILE_BINARY" ]]; then
  echo "$LOCKFILE_BINARY not found, please install the procmail package."
  exit 1

# if the $LOCKFILE exists then exit
# the lockfile is read only
# the timeout is set to 2 hours (7200 secs)
# if the lockfile is older than this it will be 
# removed, this need to be improved so the log is uupdated
$LOCKFILE_BINARY -r 1 -l 7200 $LOCKFILE || exit 23

# Do the backup, first test that the file
# with the list of files to be backed up
# exists
if [[ -f ${BACKUP_LIST} ]]; then
  for dir in $(<${BACKUP_LIST}); do
    # Make the directory on the backup server
    ssh ${SSH_SERVER} mkdir -p ${HOSTNAME}/${dir}
    # Copy the files to the backup server
    # Test for the scripts has been run with -v
    # for verbose output
    if [[ $1 == "-v" ]]; then
      rsync -av --delete ${dir}/ ${SSH_SERVER}:${HOSTNAME}/${dir}/
      rsync -aq --delete ${dir}/ ${SSH_SERVER}:${HOSTNAME}/${dir}/ 2>&1
    # catch errors
    if [ $? != 0 ]; then
      echo "Backup Error at $(date +%c)" >> $LOGFILE
      rm -vf $LOCKFILE
      exit 23
    } fi
  echo "$BACKUP_LIST doesn't exist"
  echo "Backup Error at $(date +%c)" >> $LOGFILE 
  rm -vf $LOCKFILE
  exit 23

# Remove the lock file and update the log 
rm -vf $LOCKFILE
echo "Backup Success at $(date +%c)" >> $LOGFILE