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Penguin is a 3GB RAM, 8 core (AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 6128), with 40GB root and 1GB swap disk partitions which are BSD ZFS partitions, network mounted via NFS, with a 120GB monthly data allowance, Xen Debian virtual server supplied by Webarchitects Co-operative (VPS 2 + 1GB RAM, it replaced NewLiveServer and DevelopmentServer for running all non-Drupal sites, and went live in early January 2013. Drupal sites from the old servers were migrated to PuffinServer.

The install and initial configuration of this server was tracked on ticket:470.

This server was upgraded from Squeeze to Wheezy on ticket:535 in December 2013.

Console Access

There is a Xen shell available for console access, see wiki:XenShell.

Munin Stats

There are munin stats for the server available here

Munin was installed on penguin via ticket:483#comment:35 and the dynamic graph generation and zooming was sorted out on ticket:641 and the APC plugin was installed on ticket:535#comment:55.

APC Stats and PHP info

There are a few scripts in which use the same username and password as this Trac site:

See ticket:645 for APC tuning.


This server was switched from using the nginx from wheezy-backports to guide Nginx.html Nginx from Phusion Passenger on ticket:691 via /etc/apt/sources.list.d/passenger.list:

deb wheezy main


All systems updates are now recorded on ticket:692 (previously they were on ticket:218).

There is a script in /usr/local/bin called a-up which can be used to update the system via aptitude, the advantage of using this script is that it writes things that are changed to the /root/Changelog and the time spent doing the updates can then be reported via ticket:218, see AptitudeUpdateScript for a copy of a-up and the logchange script it uses to update the Changelog.

Due some packages from dotdeb and backports being used, see ticket:470#comment:6 and ticket:470#comment:41 for some notes on this -- the pinning setup could do with some work, but this is non-urgent, the work-around is to manually upgrade some packages, eg:

  About to upgrade munin-node/squeeze-backports munin-plugins-extra/squeeze-backports
  No packages will be installed, upgraded, or removed.
aptitude install munin-node/squeeze-backports munin-plugins-extra/squeeze-backports


The matche script which moninotors the state of the system and emails changes to the /root/Changelog out is installed, but it generates a lot of data in /var/lib/metche so the wiki:MetcheCleanScript was installed on ticket:531#comment:6 and set to be run via the root crontab.


Most the "dev server" tickets relate to penguin, but the older ones, are for previous servers.

Current dev server tickets

Ticket Summary Owner Reporter
#787 Access to Parrot chris annesley
#767 robots.txt on dev site ed sam
#645 APC Tuning on Parrot and Penguin chris chris

Closed dev server tickets

Ticket Summary Owner Reporter
#780 parrot chris annesley
#771 cannot access puffin over sftp again ed annesley
#743 IIRS dev copy ed annesley
#739 Set up DEV and other drupal accounts for Annesley chris ed
#666 Parrot lockups chris chris
#641 Enable dynamic Munin graphs chris chris
#632 Add accounts for Sam chris chris
#618 Migrate Penguin and Parrot to the ZFS fileserver chris chris
#613 Parrot mysql console errors chris chris
#476 Kiwi VSFTP compromise chris chris
#474 Images don't display on the 2010 archive chris chris
#406 Pressflow problem on Dev site chris chris
#363 Bring DEV up to date with LIVE jim jim
#357 nginx research chris chris
#274 Bring DEV and TEST up to speed with LIVE chris jim
#166 certs / domain names for dev and test sites chris chris
#161 Project Mercury and the Varnish Accelerating Proxy chris chris
#160 install and configure piwik (not awstats) chris chris
#136 dev server sending messages to users chris ed


Penguin is running nginx, the work to change all the old apache configuration to nginx configuration was done on ticket:357.

The following website are running on penguin:

This is a splash page which lists what the servers is running and is also served at the server's IP address.

The main documentation page for Trac is wiki:TransitionTrac

This trac site is running using trac from debian backports and it is using nginx as a reverse proxy to tracd, to start and stop the server:

sudo -i
su - tracd -s /bin/bash
cd /web/

Trac is set to start after a reboot via cronjob, see ticket:470#comment:30.

See also the install notes, ticket:470#comment:24 and wiki:TracUserAdmin and wiki:TimingAndEstimationPlugin

Open Trac tickets: No results

Closed Trac tickets: #1, #3, #89, #90, #91, #179, #270, #345, #364, #413, #492, #494, #507, #534, #546, #597, #611, #642, #682, #822, #842

This is a Piwki site which currently collects usage stats for but which could be used to collect stats from all the Transition Network sites, see wiki:PiwikServer for additional information.

For more information see MediaWiki.

See TransitionResearchWagn

This site has been used as an archive for media files from Network Conferences, see the Nginx migration notes ticket:470#comment:16. A FTP server to allow the site to be updated hasn't been setup, when updates are needed they should be done via SFTP.

This is a 283M archive of the wiki that was running at The site is in /web/ and the nginx config is in /etc/nginx/archive-shared and /etc/nginx/sites-available/archive, see ticket:470#comment:7.

There was an issue with images not displaying on this archive, now solved, see ticket:474.

This is a 305M archive of the wiki that was running at and the forum that was at The site is in /web/ and the nginx config is in /etc/nginx/archive-shared and /etc/nginx/sites-available/archive, see ticket:470#comment:7. See also the bbPress notes at wiki:DevelopmentServer#bbPress

This is a domain that domain names which are not currently being used can be pointed to and be redirected to the Transition Network site. See ticket:470#comment:21 for the nginx configuration and wiki:DomainNames.

Static copy of the old Transition Town Totnes Drupal site, discussed on ticket:550#comment:5 and archive created on ticket:630.

Console and SSH Access

There is a Xen shell available for console access, see wiki:XenShell.

For developers and sysadmins there is SSH access, contact chris@… if you need an account creating.

The server is also running Mosh : the mobile shell which is very handy when you internet connection is poor, for example on a train. Mosh was installed on ticket:673.


See the install and configuration notes ticket:470#comment:1 and ticket:470#comment:16, on 17th November 2013 we switched the servers filesystem to a ZFS server on the network and filesystem backups are now done via ZFS snapshots so the rsync backup was disabled, see ticket:535#comment:22 however these backups are not available to anyone apart from the Webarchitects sysadmin so on 23rd July 2014 on ticket:763 additional backups were set up, these are done via /usr/local/bin/agile-backup, see AgileBackup and people who have had their ssh public keys added can access these backups via SFTP:


The latest backups are in and 60 days worth of snapshots are in ~/.zfs/, you can mount these backups locally, for example on Debian:

aptitude install sshfs
mkdir -p /media/tn-penguin
chmod 700 /media/tn-penguin/
mkdir /media/tn-penguin/latest
mkdir /media/tn-penguin/archive
echo " /media/tn-penguin/latest fuse ro,nobootwait 0 0" >> /etc/fstab
echo " /media/tn-penguin/archive fuse ro 0,nobootwait 0" >> /etc/fstab
mount -a