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The site now uses Phusion Passenger, see TransitionResearchWagn, there were issues with the server stopping when WEBrick was being used, see ticket:635.

Following is a copy of the information from the TransitionResearchWagn page from when it was using WEBrick.

WEBrick config

This server was running via a Nginx reverse proxy to WEBrick but was switched to Phusion Passenger on ticket:691, the following documentation is left here for historic reasons:

To start and stop the WEBrick server:

sudo -i


A couple of scripts have been written to start and stop the WEBrick server:



env STATIC_ASSETS=true bundle exec rails server --binding= -d



kill -INT $(cat /web/wagn/tmp/pids/

Install Notes

See ticket:561

The WEBrick server is set to start following a reboot via this in the wagn users crontab:

@reboot /web/wagn/bin/wagn-start

See the wagn-start and wagn-stop scripts below.