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Transition Research Patterns

The is running on PenguinServer, via Phusion Passenger, see the phusion-passenger-announcements list for updates and see ticket:691 for the install notes.

Prior to using Phusion Passenger the site was using WagnWebrick, but this wasn't 100% reliable, see ticket:635 and see ticket:561 for the original install notes.


Open Wagn tickets:

Ticket Summary Owner Reporter
No tickets found

Closed Wagn tickets:

Ticket Summary Owner Reporter
#926 TLS cert for chris chris
#691 Upgrade Wagn hosting for patterns site chris chris
#668 Wagn transition_mod chris chris
#665 Wagn "Problem Loading Page" error chris chris
#635 Transition Research Patterns WEBrick monitoring chris chris
#561 Move Transition Research patterns Wagn website onto Penguin chris ed



The steps are:

sudo -i
git pull
bundle install
rm -rf tmp/cache/*
rake wagn:reset_cache
rake wagn:migrate