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  1. Plugins

Transition Culture

Transition Culture is now a WordPress archive of Rob Hopkins' blog running on ParrotServer which archives content from

This site was moved to wiki:ParrotServer in December 2013 on ticket:631.

Note that many of the old articles on this site are corrupted, see ticket:719.

Update tickets: ticket:699

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As of 10th December 2013:

52 installed plugins:
  A additional-image-sizes
  I akismet
  A bad-behavior
  I better-delete-revision
 UI breadcrumb-navxt
 UA breadcrumb-navxt
 UI bwp-google-xml-sitemaps
  A contactforms
  I ll-trans-conf-2011
  A pages-sortable
  A google-analytics-for-wordpress
  I hello
  A jquery-colorbox
  A ll-about
  A ll-buy-now
  A ll-cartoon
  A ll-coming-soon
  A ll-trans-conf-2012
  A ll-dropdown-cats
  A ll-guff-free-header
  A ll-order-now
  A ll-podcast
  A ll-pre-order
  A ll-recent-comments
  A ll-stories
  A ll-subpages
  I ll-subscribe
  A ll-talks
  A ll-totnes-edap
  A ll-tn
  A mp6
  A my-page-order
  A nice-search
  A official-statcounter-plugin-for-wordpress
 UI rvg-optimize-database
  I query-monitor
  A results-count
  A wp-ylsy_search_excerpt
  A search-meter
  A search_pages
  A simple-image-sizes
  I simple_recent_comments
  A slideshare
  I spam-destroyer
  A subpage-listing
 UI subscribe2
  I subscribe-to-comments
  A the-excerpt-reloaded
  A tc
  I user-switching
  A wp-o-matic
  A wp-youtube

Legend: A = Active, I = Inactive, U = Update Available