16:38 Ticket #126 (Move the URLs from godaddy to gandi) created by ed
set up and move all the domain names from godaddy to gandi. requires ben …
16:36 Ticket #125 ('Facilitator' and 'Speaker' to the user profile editing options) created by ed
We need to be able to identify and list all the users who have …
16:08 Ticket #64 (civiCRM) closed by ed
invalid: closed. chatted and talked out of it.
16:01 Ticket #59 (Ini contact email address: enable a shared address for an ini) closed by ed
fixed: jim done
15:57 Ticket #17 (RSS title) closed by ed
fixed: i think i've sorted this myself. closed.
15:51 Ticket #34 (Projects page text addition) closed by ed
15:50 Ticket #11 (image re-sizing in teasers) closed by ed
invalid: it was a nice idea generated in a meeting which never got picked up and is …
15:50 Ticket #6 (Maps: can they start zoomed out a bit more?) closed by ed
15:49 Ticket #113 (A forum list of all the latest topics) closed by ed
15:41 Ticket #30 (Permissions conflict around CMS menus and pages) closed by ed
invalid: closing this as we are going to introduce the standard menu per CMS #26


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14:06 Ticket #124 (Live database backups) created by chris
Automate the nightly syncing of a database dump on the live server to the …
11:38 Ticket #123 (City name in personal profiles) created by ed
Please either: a. add city name into the personal profiles as it is in …
11:37 Ticket #122 (email alerts for moderation actions) created by ed
please either: a. set up an email alert to be sent to Ed when a users …


16:05 Ticket #121 (email alerts for new projects and project updates) created by ed
please either: 1. set up an email alert that sends a message to ed …
15:18 Ticket #120 (Patterns Directory: start a new directory) created by ed
Create a new directory on Tn.org for the 'Patterns' as per the document: …
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18:39 Ticket #119 (Initiatives by number table needs UK *not* broken) created by ed
please make the table so that 'United Kingdom' remains on one line, so …
18:24 Ticket #28 (3rd level nav in CMS menu) closed by jim
invalid: Redundant - See #26
18:23 Ticket #58 (Simple news: add tracking and bounce handling facilities) closed by jim
wontfix: Moving to MailChimp? - See #118
18:23 Ticket #118 (Newsletter - integrate MailChimp with Drupal name fields Content Profile ...) created by ed
- install mailchimp integration module - and other things that you need to …
16:10 Ticket #20 (partner event needs to exist) closed by jim
duplicate: Prerequisite/duplicate of #44
16:03 Ticket #7 (Registration confirmation link not working) closed by jim
duplicate: Duplicate of #40
16:02 Ticket #4 (users not able to edit more than one initaitive profile) closed by jim
fixed: Fixed, "hub coordinator" role created, editors/admins must apply role to …
15:42 Ticket #101 (27th June 2010 Site Downtime) closed by jim
fixed: Random, new server approaches, re-open if it happens again…
13:16 Ticket #117 (Forum PathAuto settings not working) created by jim
Currently using incorrect tag as path and/or term lineage not working.


18:13 Ticket #104 (Media page: add map to listings) closed by jim
fixed: Done, see: http://www.transitionnetwork.org/media/map Used slightly …
16:27 Ticket #116 (Update all Drupal modules) created by jim
Security and other updates include: Chaos tools, Contact, CCK, content …
16:21 Ticket #115 (Update Drupal core to 6.19, plus the theme and modules to latest) created by jim
12:20 Ticket #114 (Change web host, use better Drupal stack, save CO2 with modern VPS + ...) created by jim
Gaia host are not very good - they're too busy with their other big …
12:06 Ticket #102 (Install administration theme) closed by jim
fixed: Rootcandy was already installed - no idea why it wasn't enabled. Anyway, …
11:44 Ticket #113 (A forum list of all the latest topics) created by ed
Q: how do I go about creating one page where the latest forum topics are …


13:07 Ticket #89 (Add timer to trac) closed by chris
12:59 DevelopmentServer edited by chris
12:58 WikiStart edited by chris


13:17 Ticket #110 (Remove RHS blocks from events calendar page) closed by jim
fixed: Fixed, added context to remove RH/LH sidebars: …
11:41 Ticket #112 (Swap mollom for reCatpcha on registration) created by ed
many users having problems with mollom on registration. not seeing the …
11:39 Ticket #40 (Password saving problems) reopened by ed
we're still getting this so i'm re-opening it and passing it over to John, …
10:57 Ticket #111 (Adding a map block for directory pages) created by ed
Q: how much time is it to create a block to show the map (which links to …
10:55 Ticket #110 (Remove RHS blocks from events calendar page) created by ed
Please remove RHS blocks from events calendar page: …
10:44 Ticket #109 (Commenting process needs tidying up) created by ed
When you make a comment, the 'preview' stage does not show your identity …
10:43 Ticket #108 (displaying people with flags about their initiative status) created by ed
Q: what would it take to have two flag colours on the people map: 1. to …
10:41 Ticket #107 (email alert to initiative primary point of contact when new user relates ...) created by ed
Q: what would it take for an email alert to be sent to the initiative …


14:56 Ticket #106 (extra text for initiative addition form) created by ed
The initiatives are still giving themselves silly names and putting …
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13:28 DevelopmentServer created by chris
13:14 Ticket #105 (Initiative profile editors locked out of their profiles) created by ed
Some Initiative profile editors are locked out of editing their profiles. …
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17:11 Ticket #81 (Ini point of contact mail inclusion) reopened by ed
lovely. Sorry for not specifying this more clearly, but can this relate to …
17:07 Ticket #67 (System contact email messages edit) reopened by ed
The users are getting confused by having the more functional text before …
17:03 Ticket #63 (UK locations: make country names filter-able and searchable) reopened by ed
include the facility to filter the UK initiatives by local country …
16:55 Ticket #104 (Media page: add map to listings) created by ed
The media page: http://www.transitionnetwork.org/media Please include a …
16:35 Ticket #103 (Managing news install) created by ed
install managing news on the gaiahost servers once we're on the new …
16:34 Ticket #72 (imported blogs: not always recognising author) closed by ed
fixed: agreed. going to set up a managing news ticket.
16:20 Ticket #87 (one day training with Ed to do some tasks in drupal) closed by ed
fixed: done. july 15 confirmed.
15:34 Ticket #31 (CMS: boost error) closed by jim
wontfix: POSTPONED... Pending server upgrade and then #98 to move from Boost to …
15:28 Ticket #23 (Workspace homepage/child pages needs to be made private) reopened by ed
hmm. so why is this page, published on 30/06 (after the private re-set), …
14:46 Ticket #13 (Add people map) closed by jim
14:06 Ticket #8 (Ini listings: list by number) closed by jim
fixed: New "Official Initiatives by Number" view page at …
13:48 Ticket #14 (Registration page: replace all guidline text with link to guidelines) closed by jim
fixed: Done.
13:40 Ticket #15 (Access denied message edit) closed by jim
fixed: With a little faff, I have updated Custom Error's 403 section to show the …
12:04 Ticket #62 (Users to be able to be related to >1 ini profiles) closed by jim
worksforme: The "Initiatives involved in" field in user profiles already allows …
11:49 Ticket #60 (Design: make the map MUCH more obvious and find-able) closed by jim
fixed: This is related to #75 "Design: links need to be more obviously different …
11:29 Ticket #69 (Media page enhancements) closed by jim
fixed: Added column names; corrected/added links; made max results 25 per page; …
11:23 Ticket #67 (System contact email messages edit) closed by jim
invalid: Sorry I have no idea what any of this is referring to. Please add properly …
11:21 Ticket #63 (UK locations: make country names filter-able and searchable) closed by jim
invalid: What does "appear in tabular results (listings)" mean?!? Need a proper …
11:18 Ticket #81 (Ini point of contact mail inclusion) closed by jim
fixed: "Initiative email" field added, permissions set, moved to "People & …
11:14 Ticket #102 (Install administration theme) created by jim
The current 'Transition' theme is not very good in the admin sections, and …


09:03 Ticket #101 (27th June 2010 Site Downtime) created by chris
On Sunday 27th June the site was down for about 10 hours, see the attached …


14:04 Ticket #29 (CMS editing screens need to remove right hand menu) closed by jim
fixed: Right Sidebar disabled for CMS edit pages via new context …
13:44 Ticket #23 (Workspace homepage/child pages needs to be made private) closed by jim
invalid: No they aren't - only those not marked 'Private group' are visible, and …
12:32 Ticket #16 (Save button not appearing for Safari users) closed by jim
invalid: What's the version of Safari? Is the user using an up to date version? …
12:29 Ticket #10 (Search cache needs to clear) closed by jim
worksforme: Works fine... http://www.transitionnetwork.org/search
12:17 Ticket #47 (Resources page tweaks) closed by jim
12:09 Ticket #22 (Users not able to edit 'their' events) closed by jim
invalid: Test user1 is does NOT have 'events partner' role, hence is not allowed to …


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14:29 TimingAndEstimationPluginUserManual edited by Timing and Estimation Plugin
14:26 TimingAndEstimationPlugin created by chris
14:23 WikiStart edited by chris


17:50 Ticket #99 (Project profiles: 'aim' does not appear unless logged in) closed by jim
fixed: Permissions setting - now fixed.
17:36 Ticket #100 (Show users' profiles on their personal profile page) created by ed
show a list of the projects and intiatives that users are involved with on …
17:13 Ticket #99 (Project profiles: 'aim' does not appear unless logged in) created by ed
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.